Review: Proganix Quench

The power of nature has finally been bottled beautifully in eye catching colors and brought to you by Proganix. Hair care therapy for all hair types and concerns AntiAnti-Fade, Curls, Quench, Repair, Volume and Smooth -Fade, Curls, Quench, Repair, Volume and Smooth the ingredients are concentrated up to 200X, so potent it’ll make you slap your mama.

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What I love most about the line is that even the styling products have been well thought out specifically created to work alongside the shampoo and conditioner for each line of concern. Now lets talk about Proganix Quench.



Proganix Quench has been nothing short of a hair savior to my kinky curl hair which is always crying for more moisture. Normally I’m quite fearful when testing out products not made specifically for ethnic hair, but Proganix has definitely changed the game. The shampoo and conditioner was amazing not stripping my hair but leaving it clean and smelling yummy. The trio, Coconut Water, electrolytes, and Coconut Oil definitely transformed my dry curls into luscious rings. The Proganix Quench Coconut H2O + Electrolytes Leave-In Moisture and Moisture Balm lets give them a round of applause, absolutely amazing. Both products proved to be great supporting players in keeping my hair continually moisturized even a week after I washed and conditioned. Unlike most products that sit on top of my super thick mane, both products was quickly absorbed by my strands and they smiled and all was well with the world.

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Absolutely a must have get your hands on Proganix Quench asap, your hair will never be the same, nor will you want to go back to hair as usual. I can’t wait to try out Curls I’m sure it’ll marry well with Quench and make beautiful hair babies. Available for sale at

Shampoo and Conditioner 9.99
Styling products 11.99

Merli says: Go get it! A*


***Product given for review, all opinions are my own and are not influenced at all by the company or any monetary compensation. I will never falsify my feelings about any product the truth shall set you free and keep money in your pocket as well as mine. ***



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