Artist Development: The Artist Summit 2015

Be Inspired, be artistic, and be encouraged by some of the most sought after professionals in the beauty industry at The Artist Summit 2015. An intense three-day inspirational and educational program for the professional makeup and beauty community if you’re having questions about what’s next in your career, feeling a little lost, need a fresh new start or an inspirational booster shot from your peers this is the “retreat” for you. Set in the beautiful Provinceton, MA you’ll be removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and put in an atmosphere to be creatively inspired, while being educated by the likes of Albert Sanchez, Alee Cao, Chad Hayduck, Charlie Wan, Chris McCarthy, Dani Fonseca, Eugenia Westoon, Eve Pearl, James Vincent, Leslie Christin, Pedro Zalba, Roque Cozzette, Stephanie Flor and William Edge. The absolute best of the bet you’ll be sure to leave like a new beast unleashed to take over the world. Are you ready? Here is a word from Miichael DeVellis on what you can expect.

“The Artist Summit 2015 is going to be The Powder Group’s most impactful event ever. The roster of presenters is unparalleled in the industry and the companies and artists who will be in attendance simply blows my mind. I am so honored that so many incredible pros are making the trip to Provincetown to build their careers with us and celebrate the pro makeup and beauty industry in such a huge way. There is simply no event like The Artist Summit in our industry and James Vincent and I are so excited to share the week with our community!”

Michael DeVellis, Founder and Executive Director, The Powder Group

I’ll be there getting my life will you? For more information and to get a coveted spot, for a life changing program check out tell em the curvy one sent you MissMerli.





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