The Wiz Live Recap

The Wiz Live was everything that society needed last night, a dash of whimsy, hope, heart, fashion and for us to believe in ourselves. The lead Shaniece Williams a new comer in the industry dazzled, and sang her heart out, a true testament to what it means to dream without boundaries. Did you know the audition for The Wiz Live was her very first audition and obvi she nailed it. Also part of the star studded cast Stephanie Mills who played Dorothy’s Aunt Em who also played Dorothy in the original broadway musical forty years ago didn’t miss a beat. Check them out below singing Home.

And than there was the Scarecrow played by Elijah Kelly, Ne-Yo danced, sung and had a southern accent (my heart is swooning) with lips that social media loved as Tin Woodman, Coward Lion perfectly executed by David Alan Grier served face and his comical genius through his locs. Mary J. Blige brought her hateration and hollaration to her role as the Wicked Witch of the West, Common was the gate keeper easily forgettable honestly, Amber Riley Good Witch of the North who sung and brought her amazing personality.

The Wiz Live, Cast Stars,


Uzo Aduba was a golden goddess as Glinda giving Dorothy one of the best advice she received all evening; “Believe in yourself, not because I told you to but believe in yourself, as I believe in You.”

The Wiz Live, Dorothy, Toto, Illustration of The Wiz Live

Last but not least Queen Latifah who played Oz the man with the plan who slayed in a green number, and contour which made me do a Mary J. Blige diddy bop in my robe, which Queen Latifah ended up in with a beautifully beat and natural face when they came back for their promises that she made.

Queen Latifah-Oz-The Wiz Live


The true stars of the night though…. Emerald City Dancers, baby the vogued like their lives depended on it. Giving us all shades of green envy their scene was beautifully orchestrated from dance moves to the costumes, hair and makeup. All Hail the Green!

Emerald City Gif- Vogue- The Wiz Live- Emerald City

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