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NYC Events: Thrift Swap

If you’re a thrifter than no doubt you need to clear Saturday afternoon for Thrift Swap!┬áLadies and Gentleman alike who doesn’t love a good bargain? I know I do and I’m happy to announce an amazing event where you can clean the clutter of your closet and trade it in for amazingness at Thrift Swap. […] Read more…

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MAC Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

A little late to the party but always on time MAC has introduced their version of MAC Liquid Lipsticks and I’ve gone ahead and swatched all 15 of them for you along with a review. So here is the skinny on these MAC liquid lipstick lava lamps. PROS great color payoff without piling the product […] Read more…

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OscarsSoWhite: My Message to Aunt Viv

For the second year in a row the OscarsSoWhite vendetta has prevailed leaving me to think about the times when blacks should’ve won the golden statue. It’s quite disheartening that time and time again, the over 90% of white membership (predominantly men) in The Academy aka OscarsSoWhite are the ones whom dictate what art gets […] Read more…

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10 Makeup Palettes You Need Now

Ladies lets make something very clear, I lead my life in a sea of palettes and I know the top 10 that you need now in your life. Conceal, highlight, contour, and give them shade while adding pops of color to your eyes and pout to you lips. It is my belief that every woman […] Read more…

Natural Glam Tutorial Drab to Fab Makeup New Year New You

Drab to Fab Natural Glam Tutorial

The other day I was feeling less than Fab more like Drab and needed some Natural glam added to my life you know something to make the boys come to the yard and play with me. Any takers… seems to be a whole other story in itself. So I thought to myself, self how many […] Read more…

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