MAC Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

A little late to the party but always on time MAC has introduced their version of MAC Liquid Lipsticks and I’ve gone ahead and swatched all 15 of them for you along with a review. So here is the skinny on these MAC liquid lipstick lava lamps.

MAC Liquid Lipsticks - Liquid Lipcolour-Lashesandcurves-MissMerli - Lip Swatches- Women of Color


  • great color payoff without piling the product on
  • great packaging easily fits in those beautiful acrylic vanity holders that hold your lipsticks. Major key!
  • the applicator is a great one you can get amazing precision as well as the right amount of color in one felt swoop
  • minimal color transfer
  • colors can be mixed to make other amazing colors


  • No ifs ands or buts about it your lips must be prepared because the formulation can be drying especially since its winter time in most places
  • Must use the lip prep and prime or any lip primer in order to achieve the perfect lip look
  • can be worn alone but will become uncomfortable again without preparation
  • color assortment is good but could be better I expected a better assortment of colors to compete with other brands on the market.

Merli Grade B- There is room for improvement with the MAC Liquid Lipsticks, so late to the class I expected amazingness straight out the gate, but like anything that comes out 2.0 is usually a better bet, I look forward to seeing what happens next with MAC liquid lipsticks hint hint better formula and nudes for women of color and some fun fun fun colors.

Here are the swatches in live mode below Enjoy. Make sure to comment below and let me know what was your favorite color. 



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