NYC Events: Thrift Swap

If you’re a thrifter than no doubt you need to clear Saturday afternoon for Thrift Swap! Ladies and Gentleman alike who doesn’t love a good bargain? I know I do and I’m happy to announce an amazing event where you can clean the clutter of your closet and trade it in for amazingness at Thrift Swap. Its On With DeVonne is the mastermind and at Thrift Swap whatever amount of items you bring will be the amount you get to swap out. I’ve been to a couple of these and I have to say I’ve usually given more than I actually took. The idea is to not refill your closet but to purge and simply hunt for treasures and statement pieces. Join me and tons of other amazing New Yorkers this Saturday January 30th in Brooklyn’s Out of the Closet thrift Store from 1-4 PM Make sure to RSVP HERE and comment below letting me know what you look forward to most at this mix and mingle of the fashionable minds.
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