OscarsSoWhite: My Message to Aunt Viv

For the second year in a row the OscarsSoWhite vendetta has prevailed leaving me to think about the times when blacks should’ve won the golden statue. It’s quite disheartening that time and time again, the over 90% of white membership (predominantly men) in The Academy aka OscarsSoWhite are the ones whom dictate what art gets honored. So many argue that black people need to stop crying racism, and inequality, I say to them when we stop having the title “First Black” in front of an accomplishment, a goal, an opportunity, a career it will be at that point that we will as a people feel finally equal to our white fellows. Let us not forget just eight years ago we put our first black president into office, that in itself continues to be an uphill battle that we fight in this nation. I definitely side with Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith as they have publicly decided to boycott the Oscars, something the public was asking for. Sadly like so many other issues in the black community where we struggle to find a common ground and find a foundation with which to catapult the many woes that exists, here comes a rouge knight Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv), with a totes umbrella and cup of bitter flavored kool-aid to try and make some valid point, instead of backing up what is true OscarsSoWhite is a real problem that needs fixing. Here is my message to the Smith’s number one hater… (see below)

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“Nobody sent for you Aunt Viv so please go back to where you came from, you sound like a bitter hag. Your validity is overshadowed by your large foundation of hate for Will Smith let go, let God and get a job so you can be relevant for the right reasons again. I didn’t see you come out of your coo coos nest for anyone of the young men who were killed in my community and all over the US. No signs of you when Sandra Bland who was killed in the custody of police who arrested her without just cause. I saw other black celebs who in their own way no matter how small came out and said we need a resolution but nada from you.  But as soon as Jada has something to say you accuse her of coming to the aid of her hubby… Janet you’re so Petty Wack right now! Why are you still mad? Life went on the reruns played and you’re still only known for your stint on the Fresh Prince, yet you smile and say Will is mad because he had a few flops… yet he had a whole lot of films that established him in hollywood and has paved the way for other black comedians to have notoriety, you welp not so much Janet you’re still just the black Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince. It saddens me to read you like this because I really respected you as a thespian of the arts but your video wasn’t at all positive it didn’t address the inequality that exists for blacks in Hollywood nope you were just going for Will’s jugular while Jada is the one who made the video. You’ve single handily displayed where the black angry woman stereotype still lives—> within you. Go away! Your presence is not welcomed and your commentary is not needed. Go back to the nest until you’re ready to fly again. We don’t need the bird shit.”



Ms Merli




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