Nikkie Tutorials X Too Faced Collaboration

I gagged Nikkie Tutorials and Too Faced collaboration is might i say Gawjus! The colors the pigmentation and oh my a purple mascara to boot is just what the collaboration faeries sprinkled on the horizon but what is this I hear… we have to wait till AUGUST! Announced on the brand co-founders Instagram back in March, Jerrod Blandino posted with stunning snap with Nikkie to tease their upcoming beauty project, set to redefine makeup in Fall 2016; “OMG! Here’s a HUGE #sneakypeak!!! @nikkietutorials and I @toofaced are collaborating on an exclusive kit for #fall2016 #itshappening #toofaced #nikkietutorials #nikkie4toofaced”. We love a man who’s not afraid of a hashtag.

jerrod-blandino and Nikkie Tutorials Too Faced Collab


Be still my little shadow heart. With all the latest collaborations and new releases that have been beating my pockets up as of late, I think I can patiently wait, putting my coins aside one day at a time. Love you Nikkie! Check out the beautiful palette below and some swatches that I grabbed off her snapchat. Just in case you don’t know NikkieTutorials—she’s the woman behind the #ThePowerOfMakeup, a.k.a. the movement that effectively shut down all the makeup-shamers out there.


Too Faced Nikkie Tutorials Collaboration

The collection is called The Too Faced Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials Collaboration and contains a whole range of products. The first is a black Stretch Marker a brand new liquid liner which Nikkie made sure to emphasize would be “full-size”:

Too Faced Nikkie Tutorials Collaboration palette Too Faced Nikkie Tutorials Collaboration

P.S I also heard through the calloboration grapevine that there is also a Kat Von D situation building… now listen here makeup fairies there is but so much makeup one girl should have… said no one ever. Bring it on nice and strong ladies I can’t wait!

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