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Ever since the age of 12 I’ve received the monthly gift and have hated it most years except when I’ve made some questionable choices than I waited with open arms for the gift. Now someone is making the gift of your monthly menstruation more bearable and sweet. Yes you heard me right in a beautifully wrapped black box are the very things you need in order to get through your 7 days of wardrobe hampering, and sex blocking womanly flow.

Monthly Gift Period Menstrual Cycle

Founded, owned and operated by women in New York City, Monthly Gift is a feminine care subscription service powered by technology and empowering women to take control of their health. Catering to users personal cycles, the Monthly Gift. App monitors ovulation menstrual cycle patterns, while the subscription delivers a discreet, Little Black Box of customized tampons, pads and liners in time for each woman’s next cycle.
Monthly Gift Period Menstrual Cycle

Just in for what felt like my second cycle in May  Monthly Gift  arrived for me to review and to my delight there it was a beautiful bar of Vosges Super Dark Pomegranate & Gogi chocolate bar which I devoured on sight yummy! I also received ultra thin pads, tampons in light, regular, super and liner. I am happy to report everything worked as it should.
Monthly Gift Period Menstrual Cycle

I also set up the app to track my flow so that I can figure out why I had to suffer twice in one month.(Just a long month is what happened.)

Nevertheless among all the subscription boxes that I’ve subscribed to this is one that I actually really need and can use every single month.
Monthly Gift Period Menstrual Cycle

It’s customizable too based on your flow and what you’re comfortable using pads, tampons, liners or all the above. These ladies have really thought of everything here, I believe in the Little Black Box.

Merli says…. Get Subscribed


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