How Did I Get Here… 217lbs

How did I get here… 217lbs and that’s after I’ve taken 2018 by the horns and started working out religiously since the second week of January three times a week. I hesitated getting on the scale as I had been making progress with speed and strength but yet I wondered where I stood with numbers. Welp 217lbs by societies standards I am morbidly obese, and health wise I am a walking time bomb for a slew of diseases most that will inevitably kill me. By my standards I am uncomfortable in my own skin now, my clothes don’t fit the way I want them to, and I experience pain far too often.

How do I change this reality? I’ve proactively been removing things from my home that don’t serve me well, that I emotionally consume. So no more soda, cake or cookies in the house. Drinking lots of water all day and night, and most important lots more cooking.

Fortunately a fitness studio called EYECYCLE has open less than 5 minutes away from me, literally up the block. Tineta Newton, Owner & Creator of EyeCycle has me sweating pools daily as she has created a personalized regimen for me to reach my health, strength and fitness goals. With a combination of Spin, Total Body Strength and Core training, as well as yoga and Pilates to round out my journey. I’m certain that there is no way I can fail. The only thing that can get in the way now is me, and I vowed that this year I wouldn’t allow fear to taint my success and I’m sticking to it.

How did I get here? Well life happens and rather than take control or keep control in the areas I could I allowed myself to just let go, no I wasn’t sitting down and eating a whole lot of bad food, but I wasn’t active, I drank soda, and lots of pernil and tostones (I’m in the Bronx ya’ll what do you expect) My brother died and I was at a standstill in life, questioning absolutely everything, and not doing anything for myself because to be honestly I had given up. It wasn’t until I found power in my ability to influence lives (through teaching art to middle school kids) that I could really get back on track and feel purposeful. Anyone knows though in order to pour effectively into the lives of others you have to pour into yourself first, the circle of being complete.

As I make that vow I hope to have some of you join me… no I’m not selling any wraps or tea but just as accountability partners. Everyone is waiting for the right time to start and the truth of the matter is there will never be a perfect time so just Start! Do one thing that will avalanche into a list of amazing choices that will change the trajectory of your life. It’s not easy but so worth it.

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