Sheros by Natascha Cox

If you know me, you know my first love is a beautiful lip, and I’m always in search of amazing new ones. I recently discovered a new beauty brand by beauty blogger Natascha Cox, that already has quite the following. Popular amongst fashion forward make up lovers across the globe. The unique design is eye catching and a reflection of Natascha’s personality.

The first releases from the brand are the Saviours Lux Matte Lipstick and SHEROS Liquid Lipstick collections. And much to my delight Natascha has full creative control of the brand and has included a range of everyday colours as well as some great bold colours just in time for summer 2018 if she ever decides to come back, insert April 2nd nor’easter.

A word from the creator:

“I really just tried to put my own personality in to each collection. I am a huge believer in the empowerment of women which is where I found the names for the SHEROS Liquid Lipstick collection. I came up with a few qualities that I felt best represent women I look up to and it went from there. The Saviours Lux Matte Lipstick collection was all about creating those everyday shades that we find ourselves wearing time and time again. We all need a good quality lipstick to rely on.”

– Natascha Cox

Long lasting, eye catching colour is the name of our beauty game. Natascha Cox Liquid Lipsticks will set you apart from the crowd. A wide range of colour available in Matte perfection to Liquid Metal Lipstick. I definitely see some colors that should be on my vanity very soon… stay tuned for swatches on my IG when I get them in hand.

SHEROS collection:

• Bold

• Strong

• M.I.L.F

• Sweetie

• Boss

• Survivor

• Naked

• Brave

• Fierce

• Wild

 Check out her website and follow her on IG and tell her Miss Merli sent ya.

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