Psychology Behind Lipstick Shapes

What does your lipstick shape say about you? Isn’t it crazy we apply our lipstick says something about our personalities in life? Well, the good people at Beautypress have analyzed exactly what the shape of your lipstick means and the results are in. Let’s begin with the first one

The Daredevil

She is daring, imaginative and very sensual. A creative girl with a lively temperament and a strong personality who loves surprises and varied life. Her lipstick looks just as adventurous. Evenly worn from both sides, it looks like a flute mouthpiece. She whims at conventions and makes her own way.

The Buddy

She has a carefree nature, is eloquent and a born diplomat. Friends often ask her for advice because she is a good listener and always puts things in perspective. As straightforward as she goes through life, she deals with her lipstick. Its shape is flat

The Power Woman

She is confident, balanced, conscientious and loves detail. With a lot of energy and creativity, she takes every hurdle. She has a great memory, is not vindictive and always the center of the circle of friends. In her life, it’s always up to her, like the shape of her lipstick. So no type of woman who belongs behind the stove – their temperament can restrain no one.

The Emotional

She is sensitive, thoughtful and reserved. Her passion is in secret and in her dream world, everything is much nicer than in reality. She seeks understanding, friendship, and closeness, but is often disappointed. This desire for an intimate relationship is also shown by the firm pressure on her lipstick, which shows a clear “concave” shape. Great, romantic words, poetry, and enchanting lyric make her a hot lover

The Super Woman

She is gentle, feminine, and has a deep need for peace and harmony. Everybody feels at ease in her company because she has no rough edges – she simply is a marvelous lover, an excellent cook, and a loving wife. Everything in her life proceeds in a purposeful and planned manner because she leaves nothing to chance. Not even the shape of her used lipstick, which is also perfectly round and smooth.

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