The Secret is Out… I am a PlannerAddict

Allow me to reintroduce myself the secret is out…  my name is Merli and I’m a sticker loving, washi wearing, die cut having, pens out the ass, crafting planneraddict.

Foxy Fix

I’ve been a planner addict aka a stationary lover since I could remember, going into books stores and office supply stores and shopping for pens and beautiful journals all the time. It was in 2015 that I discovered there were more like me out there, there were facebook groups and youtube “plan with me” videos, than I discovered stickers…. It was all downhill from there.



I started with a Staples Arc Discbound system, I than discovered the world of The Happy Planner which to be honest after all the systems that I’ve tried has to be what the planner community  calls ” my planner peace” resides there. What’s amazing about my addiction to everything paper-craft is I’ve been connected to women who are like minded, professional, goal getting glamazons, who come from all walks of life. They inspire me, challenge me to be great, and push my creative envelope not only in crafting but in life.

Black Women who Plan and create

I am currently apart of a handful of amazing groups and I am a member & moderator at Black Women Who Plan and Create founded by Mary Burgess. Daily I’m floored daily by the candidness of the over 18,000 women and counting, who like me use crafting as a bond, as a light in what can be a very dark world.


It has become a form of therapy for me as I can sit down when I’m feeling down, or  I’m unsure as to what to do in life, and just craft. They say when you write things down or make it a tangible visual thing, that the probability of you making that life goal happen is much more probable, I truly believe and can attest to that.


With my super beautiful stickers and glamorous rolls of washi tape I plan my life away, I celebrate the successes of my day to day, and even have a sad face emoji sticker to commemorate a not so nice moment. With my budding Lettering skills I can make words look super fancy and let’s not talk about etsy and the amazing woman owned shops I’ve been introduced to. Let’s just say I’ve got some explaining to do and will be sharing how I get my life through the art of planning creatively. If you’d like to get the visual follow my Crafty Instagram @Papier.Belle . Welcome to the crafty rabbit hole, watch your step, you’ve been warned. Please share with me how you plan below or tag me on Instagram.





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