9 Planner Instagram Accounts To Follow

You knew this was coming… why would I be an addict if I didn’t have enablers and planner babes who inspire me to be more creative with my craft. Today I’m sharing 10 (just a start) planner babes that I think you should follow on Instagram. Starting with me why wouldn’t I right.

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My craft-related Instagram is artsy, filled with lots of color, stickers, and the occasional selfie because of course you want folk to know who you are always. I love dropping those discount codes and freebies so make sure to follow and watch my insta stories for those and so much more.


So take the craft room you have now and throw it away, when you see what Chevonne girly haven looks like. Besides fabulous shots of her impeccable put together craft room, and all the girly goodness that you’ll get in one shot, you’ll also get shots of her Louis Vuitton planners aka agendas (plural) because why would the black Martha Stewart require any less.



I am absolutely in love with Amber from Damasklove. I would say she is goals when it comes to what you want to obtain in the DIY kingdom. Her style incorporates so many different mediums and while she may not be a planner only Instagram she will inspire you to do some amazing things with your planner with the amazing projects she works on daily. FYI her insta-stories are awesome and I live for her “Moment of Snark” segment. Follow to see what I’m talking about.

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Shannon is a cancer fighting, super woman who makes me pinch myself for not being brave and awesome enough. Her pages posts colorful and faith inspiring layouts that make you smile on eye contact. Her theme based planning style and beautiful flat lays make me question my life and those around me. LOL. Seriously BEAUTIFUL!



Mayte is an uncensored B6 TN loving, personal size hating planner, who gives you the real deal Holyfield. Her account boasts a more neutral, functional glam style of planning. If you’re new to the TN (Travel Notebook) world she exactly who you should be following as she is an expert in that field and makes it look fun and beautiful.

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CeCe is a creative planner mom who loves customizing her happy planner and adding all the cute stickers that make you say Awe! Colorful and girly but also functional so that this Boss babe can get things done.



Jasmin is giving me all types of life on her simple yet beautiful planner instagram page. With a healthy combination of inspiring quotes, beautiful planner spreads and inspirational layouts, it is no wonder I can’t get enough of this new page.



Beautiful Sahar is another TN toting mama who makes living life and planning look like a piece of cake. Unapologetic and authentic in all of her posts, she effortlessly shares the aesthetic of her world as a busy mom taking over the world. Sahar is a functional planner with a dash of color, sprinkles of glam and sophistication all over.



Family, Faith, Finances, and Fitness Nita gives you planning in a pretty, colorful and functional manner with a heavy sense of decor with class. She is a Happy Planner Design Team member so her page is heavily concentrated with lots of amazing ideas on how to make your happy planner your own. I absolutely love the bright colors so I’m a happy resident following her every design move.

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Trust me there are so many more you can follow, I’ll be sharing 10 Instagram accounts to follow once a month so you can be on point and know what time it is in the planner community. Until next week, stay creative, start today, and love on somebody.

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