10 Ways to be Great Despite Depression

Depression the ugly ass D-Word that has become a very real part of my life. If I were in a race trying to be number one depression is the person behind me that keeps trying to best me so that I can lose the race, but I keep running because I have a race to WIN. In the months since my brother’s untimely death, I have taken steps in order to not fall into a dark space of abyss one similar to the space that many fall into and some fall victim to. Here are my 10 ways to being great despite the depression that is hot on your tail. RUN!


1. Don’t feed the D and it will have to leave.

I’ll be the first one to say that I’m the first to arrive at my pity party, with a bottle of thoughts that don’t help my current thought process. I have been 100 percent on top of removing myself from my thoughts, meaning if it’s starting to make me feel sad, it’s time to move on to a happy thought. Yup it’s that simple don’t feed into negative thoughts and they will starve and die, leaving only the good stuff.




2. Yolo Intensely

Live in the moment stop thinking about all the things that aren’t going right, and how you gotta figure out how to make them right and the right person to make them right with…(you see what’s happening here?) Instead enjoy every moment that you’re breathing, able to walk, see the sun, and hear beautiful music. Go sit in the park even if it’s alone and let the sun remind you that you’re here for an amazing purpose.



3. Focus: Don’t get lost in the sauce of the D

No seriously you ever walk on the streets of say NYC and see people who are completely lost to the thoughts of their mind, and all the things going wrong. Almost like zombies if you will. Don’t be like them focus on the steps you’re taking, the scenery around you, feel the breeze or lack thereof and laugh at yourself for being so intense. They will think you’re crazy but smile cause you’re focused on being great every second of the day.


4. Savor all the W’s even the lower case ones.

If you think about it there are days that are compromised of a series of W’s and L’s (yes we all take L’s sometimes) but what if you celebrated every W even the small ones like making your bed, getting your feet done especially since you’ve been promising yourself to do it. How you celebrate and savor your wins are up to you but do big up yourself.


5. RUN! or Walk or Spin but get your buns up and MOVE!

This is one that I’ve struggled with but when I’m on, I feel a complete boost in all the areas in my life, I’m in less physical pain, I feel good about myself, and I’m systematically getting snatched. How can you not feel good about that? Get moving and train to beat the D.


6. Do Something

The worse thing you can do is Nothing! Don’t get stuck in a rut and set goals on when you’re going to get out of it. Get up and just go do something, go see a movie, go buy a hero at the corner bodega and people watch or watch the tree leaves move ( whatever it is that people sit and do in parks) but do something you’ll be happy that you did that for you.


7. You’re not Perfect so quit trying to be.

If you’re so focused on being perfect from the jump you may never take the leap. Yea you know the one that could take you from basic to Yassss Magic! But you don’t have everything together and the moment is not right, so you’re waiting. News Flash: that perfect moment may never come so than what? That’s what I thought! So just get started on your dream, or just one goal. I’m telling you, you got this! (Yes I’m yelling at you with love!)


8. What about your friends

One of the things that I have been guilty for in some of my worse bouts of depression is isolating myself, in fear that I would be a Debbie Downer, or not “perform” because I just didn’t want to anymore. The truth is your REAL friends will know something is off if you’re around and not holed up in your room on your third cup of Haagen Dazs ( or whatever it is you feed  D with) Real friends want to support not desert you.



9 and 10. Be Accountable for your greatness and delegate

Visualize it, write it down and watch it manifest before your eyes, but don’t stop there. Share with your bestie and ask them to watch you like a hawk with three eyes because you don’t want to drop the ball. The truth is we all want to make the most important people in our lives proud and most importantly we want to prove to ourselves that we are great, so let someone help guide you, give you water as you run the race and be there at the end when you WIN. You got this, we got this, go to hell D!




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