5 Curvy Girls I’m Loving

In a world where the slim and thigh-less, grace the covers of magazines, there are a slew of curvy girls who seize the day and slay on a daily basis. As curvy girl I sometimes find it difficult to find inspiration for putting together amazing outfits or even finding duds that fit because 70% of designers still haven’t caught up with the reality that exists. The average woman is a size 12 yet said size is hard to come by in retailers, but I digress in a world that seems resistant to the truth these ladies are my sheros in fashion. Make sure to follow them on social media as they will keep you in the know about where to go get an amazing rack of clothes.

Christina Brown

First up is mentor in my head, this amazing Mom Boss Christina Brown, who beyond contrary belief is doing it all while looking like a fox. Love Brown Sugar her wildly successful blog was created to fill the void that exists on the world wide web when it comes to fashion bloggers. This heel loving mama gives me all the warm vibes with a mix of comfort and fashion, oh and she has the cutest babies.

Marie Denee

Big sis in my head Marie Denee is the mastermind behind The Curvy Fashionista your one-stop shop for all things curvy, confident, and chic. Marie shares shopping secrets to empower women to not only be comfortable in the skin their in but also a changing of the mind, to let us know we are freaking fabulous. Sources tells me she has a cruise coming up, check her out for more info.

Gabi Fresh

Gabi Fresh who is queen of risk taking curvy fashion has created a life out of what she loves doing, breaking all the fashion rules. Her style blog came out of a need to show other women that you don’t need to dress for your body type and that you can have fun with style no matter your size. You can see her all the interwebs collaborating with such brands as Target and Swimsuits for All.

Chasity Saunders

Plus Size supermodel and tv personality Chasity Saunders has created a brand based on being healthy, fabulous and voluptuous all while securing the bag. Despite personal tragedy Chasity has forged on and continues to inspire young girls everywhere as a curvy coach. Catch this socialite sashaying all over LA doing the damn thing

Kierra Sheard

Kierra Sheard Gospel Artist and now fashion designer is my friend in my head and killing it out here being an inspiration and doing so fashionable. Creator of the brand Eleven 60 she is ensuring that girls feel sexy, fashionable and trendy. Fashion forward with an amazing heart Kierra is killing the street style game effortlessly.


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