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New Year Same Me Better Choices

New Year Same You Better Choices

  It’s a New Year, it’s the same you but why not make better choices rather than resolutions that you’ll be hard pressed to keep in March? Yea that’s what I said and that’s why I’ve made a list of better choices that anyone can stick to for the entire year, who knows it might […] Read more…

Cyber Monday 2014

Ah yes the joys of shopping online…. I hate the madness that is Black Friday so this is when I can really get down with the get down without leaving the comfort of my home. Another great reason to cyber Monday well duh shopping comparisons you’ll never pay more and price matching is a doozy. […] Read more…

Childless couple

Love Without the Possibility of a Child

Love without the possibility of a child nah that could never be me. You’ve seen it on television relationships coming to a head because one of the individuals in the relationship doesn’t want or fears having another child. You think it only exists on television until one day you’re confronted with it head on.. The […] Read more…

Fast Company Magazine

My tips on how to manage time

Hello everyone! It’s the beginning of a new week and today I have a different post: my top 5 tips on how to manage time when you are working from home and keep everything organized! For many of you July marks the beginning of summer holidays, but this… Read more…

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